The Guadalupe Center

The Guadalupe Center’s mission, “breaking the cycle of poverty through education,” really filled my heart and directed my spirit after I attended last year’s fundraising event as a guest and completed a tour of our most vulnerable community.

Inspired by this devotion, I sketched and designed a piece of jewelry I believe parallels the mission and work provided at the Guadalupe Center. “The Guardian” earrings include three star components: the owl, the child, and the flight. During a flight that represents movement and a path of new experiences, the child is safely tucked on the back of the owl, his guardian of support and knowledge.

The earrings are designed in 18 karat gold, palladium, platinum, mother of pearl and diamonds.

As the inspiration for William Boyajian of Port Royal Jewelers “Dear Orchid” ring, Elizabeth Cornelio’s passionate essay reflecting the impact the center has made in her life was transformed into a platinum and 18k yellow gold ring set with a rainbow of diamonds – pink, rose, white and purple – with pink sapphire accents. It also features a white-, green- and yellow-diamond bee.

“The Guadalupe Center has helped transform and impact the lives of so many children and families in our community,” said Boyajian. “Seeing firsthand the determination, hopes and dreams of these wonderful children inspired me to create a piece that would tell their story in a unique and beautiful way. Elizabeth Cornelio’s essay was the driving force behind the concept of the Dear Orchid ring. In the center of the ring is an Orchid flower, which symbolizes all that the program has provided to Elizabeth – education, hope, joy. Above the flower is an Orchid Bee, which symbolizes the busy work of the young children of the Guadalupe Center. The hard working Orchid Bee flies from flower to flower, enriching the diversity and opportunity of the future of our community,” William Boyajian.

The story of the Dear Orchid ring…

Dear Orchid,

I am honored to know you. I will be here for you always while you grow, bloom, pull through the challenges of life and spread your petals of beauty. I look forward to our synergy of compassion and strength. I am here for you always and together we will continue our “symbiosis” for more generations to come.

Sincerely yours, “Bee.”