The Naples Zoo

We started helping the Naples Zoo in 2010 and continued in 2011 with the giraffe project. In the second year of working with the zoo, we created a pair of giraffe earrings that were diamond and 18k gold. The project helped build funding for the new giraffe enclosure and to bring awareness for the the Zoo’s importance in the community. The project started when I went to the zoo and sketched one of the giraffes. In 2011, I created a pair of monkey earrings in chocolate diamonds inspired by monkey island at the Naples zoo and a trip I made to the park. In 2012, the zoo received two cheetahs and I proceeded to create a baby cheetah ring that wrapped around the finger of one lucky winner. The idea was to create a special happy piece that celebrated the cheetahs and the possibilities that the zoo would one day have baby kittens. In 2014, we participated in the first children’s zoo gala as well as created a pair of lion earrings for the zoo event. Since 2010, we have held the opinion that the Naples zoo is an integral part of what makes Naples so interesting as a community and adds a diversity of events for children as well as adults. We look at our participation with this charity as partnering to help protect endangered and abandoned animals.